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How Does It Work?

We have combined wireless connectivity and motion sensors with a traditional wristwatch. The watch tracks your movement

throughout the day and relays this data to your smartphone.

The data is then analysed on the cloud and combined with additional information on sleep, exercise, nutrition, medication,

clinical assessments and more.

The final insights are available on the mobile app in an easy-to-understand format so that you can make better decisions on

your choice of care.

Flytta: The Watch

Stylish Symptom Tracking

We embedded the latest motion sensors into a traditionally styled, stainless steel wristwatch. The result is a classic timepiece

that continuously monitors your motor symptoms throughout the day and sends them securely to your smartphone.


Flytta: Mobile App

Make Life Easier

To live well with Parkinson's, it's important to see the full picture. Simply tracking motor symptoms, does not take account for

things like nutrition, mood, alternative therapies, exercise or sleep. These lifestyle factors can have a huge impact on your life

so they ought to be tracked.

Our app stores your additional information securely and combines this with the motor data from the watch to provide a more

complete picture of your Parkinson's.