Plus Three Studio

A design agency that focuses on the intersection of business strategy and design. We primarily work with young companies, providing strong design solutions tailored to their businesses current needs and future goals. Our unique agency structure allows us to provide a team of designers according to the clients needs and time requirements. This flexibility allows us to be financially approachable to our clients while providing the value adding design services they need to succeed, attract investors, and grow their business.

We see this strategy as key to creating a consistent brand and a smooth user experience across various designed aspects of the business. To execute this holistic design approach we offer to take projects all the way from research to manufacture.

Our goal is to provide an in house design team experience to develop and execute a design strategy according to the needs of our clients. We work towards developing long term relationships with our clients, accompanying them through each step of their development creating value adding and beneficial products and services.

New Projects & Enquiries


There are currently no job openings. If you wish to apply for an internship at Plus Three Studio, send a cover letter, your cv and digital portfolio to: